Raspberry Seed Oil


Origin: Chile

Botanical: Rubus idaeus

Part: Seeds

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Raspberry Oil is extracted from the seeds of Rubus Idaeus though Cold Pressing method. It belongs to the Rosaceae family of plantae kingdom. This variety of Raspberry is native to Europe and Northern Asia, where it is commonly cultivated in temperate regions. Raspberry is a scarlet little fruit, that is eaten raw. It is mainly grown for this fruit that is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins. There are many flavoured drinks, juices, flavoured liquors available in the market today.

Unrefined Raspberry seed Oil is a rich source of Vitamins and Antioxidants , just like its source fruit. It has some remarkable healing and pro-ageing benefits for skin . Hence, it is added to skin care products and anti-ageing treatments to improve skin quality. It is also added to cosmetic products like lotions, creams, gels, body washes, for its fruity smell and luxurious feel. It is mainly added products with target audience of mature skin type. Because of its quick absorbing nature and slight finish , it is used for hair care and making products for hair as well.

Raspberry Oil is mild in nature and suitable for all skin types . Although useful alone, it is mostly added to skin care products and cosmetic product like: Creams, Lotions/Body Lotions, Anti-ageing Oils, Anti-acne gels, Body Scrubs, Face washes, Lip Balm, Facial wipes, Hair care products , etc.

Moksha's Raspberry Seed oil is pure, natural and unrefined. No chemicals or preservatives are added to organic Raspberry Seed oil. They are deodorized in order to make them suitable for use in cosmetics  using a mechanical process which is chemical free and helps retain nutritional value of the plant. Raspberry Seed oil is often added to skincare and haircare products due to its nourishing properties.


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